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General Lucca Information

Lucca Italy is a beautiful small town at the western coast of Tuscany. Lucca is completely surrounded by Renaissance city walls and a ring of Apennine mountains.

Lucca is an administrative center of a province Lucca Tuscany. Lucca is based on a river Serchio and its population is about 85.000 habitants.

The historical center of Lucca is represented by a small area of about 2 square km surrounded by a perfectly remained fortification wall of 16 - 17 centuries with six gates.


Lucca Facts for Your Lucca Tuscany Holiday

Lucca is considered Opera capital of Italy, it is Puccini's native town. Puccini monument is now located on one of the squares of the city. More about Puccini festivals.

Lucca is also called sometimes a town of 100 churches, as there are many ancient built churches and cathedrals in here.

Lucca Italy is fascinating with its gardens and fountains. Here you can still find uncontaminated beautiful gardens with plants and graceful fountains carefully maintained like many centuries ago.

Lucca has the cleanest and the tastiest water which which you can drink from fountains allover the city.

Mountains in the Lucca area are rich with mushrooms and chestnuts, and Lucca olive oil is famous throughout the world for its excellent qualities.

Moreover, Lucca is the land of famous Tuscan cigars which production has started in 19 century.

Lucca province is famous for its hot spas that welcome the guests in a small resort town near Lucca in Tuscany called Bagni di Lucca.

Breathtaking Carnivals of Viareggio, Lucca are almost as famous as the Venetian carnivals and attract thousands of admirers from all over the world each February.


Lucca History

<History of Lucca starts in 180 year BC but the Romans who have come here in 2-3 century BC have built the city of Lucca and surrounded it with walls having given the city the lay-out of nowadays.

Lucca town street direction goes accurately from the north on the south and from the east on the west. Small squares and living areas are located between them giving room to the local markets.

More Lucca History


Getting to Lucca Italy

By Car

Getting to your holiday Lucca destination is possible by car. Highway A11 will connect you with Lucca from both Pisa and Viareggio on the west and from Florence on the east. If you travel by car from Forno take SS12 and then SS445 roads.

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By Air

Getting directly to Lucca by air is possible by flying to Lucca Tuscany airport Tassignano. However, this small airport in Lucca is only available for national Italian flights or private jet flights.

Tassignano Lucca airport is used frequently by private jet owners to visit Versilia and Viareggio which are located near Lucca. For more tips on getting to Tuscany please visit:

Getting to Tuscany

By Bus

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

Read more tips about traveling in Italy by bus.

From the main bus station in Lucca - Piazzale Verdi - you can get to almost any town and village in the area with Lucca buses CLAP. The company Lazzi provides bus routes from Lucca to Florence (1,5 hour), Pisa (45 minutes), La Spezia (3 hours) and Marina di Carrara (2 hours) with a stop at Marina di Massa.

By Train

Lucca is located on the railway route Florence - Pisa - Viareggio which makes getting to Lucca by train very convenient. Train from Pisa to Lucca takes 25 minutes, to Florence - 1,5 hour. Getting to Lucca from Pistoia (45 minutes) and Prato (1 hour) is possible by taking a train from Florence which has stops in both of these towns.

Check out train schedules and fares for your holiday Lucca travel by train.


Moving Around in Lucca Tuscany

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Moving around in Lucca is easier by walking as the town is not big enough to use a car or public transport.

There are small electric buses CLAP cruising between the main Lucca train station and Corso Garibaldi and Piazzale Verdi.

But walking through Lucca is, perhaps, the fastest and the most picturesque choice during your holiday in Lucca.

If you've arrived to Lucca by car and do not plan staying a night in a hotel, you will have to leave a car behind Lucca fortress city walls.

Hiring a bicycle in another holiday Lucca way of moving around.


Lucca Shopping

Lucca in Tuscany is the land of one of the best antique markets in all Italy. You'll have a good opportunity to acquire all types of Lucca antiques like old books, furniture, aged jewelry and watches, old carpets and much more during your holiday in Lucca.

The antique Lucca market takes place every third week-end of the month and can be found on every big square of the Lucca town. In the summer antique markets in Lucca are held weekly on Sundays. More markets in Tuscany.

For all other kind of shopping in Lucca you should head to the main city shopping-avenue - Via Fillungo. Here you will find many boutiques of known Italian brands, other interesting shops and souvenir places.

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