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The Funniest of All the Carnivals in Italy

Carnival of Viareggio 2013 Dates

Viareggio carnival is one of the long-awaited events in Italy and it is as famous as the Venice Italy carnival. Viareggio turns wild during the carnival season. Thousands of tourists from Italy and from all over the world visit the carnival of Viareggio to enjoy this fantastic holiday of fun and entertainment!

Carnevale Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio Italy


Viareggio Carnival History

Viareggio - a small town in Tuscany, Italy - is famous for its elite tourism. The idea of celebrating the carnival in Viareggio takes place back in 19th century. The colorful show with a parade of carts was started in 1837 by young and rich aristocrats, and ordinary Viareggio residents took the chance to dress up in costumes and masks and make fun of their politicians.  And Viareggio carnival is held every year the same way as 175 years ago from that moment on!

First World War stopped the carnival parades for a few years, though. And in 1921 Viareggio festival was back again, even more magnificent than before.


What is Carnival of Viareggio Like?

Of all the Italy carnivals Viareggio is famous for its giant papier - mache dolls that are being placed on special carts and carried along the coast on carnivals days. Each doll is unique and precious. The dolls are traditionally made of papier - mache during a year by the best artists of Viareggio. Some carts reach 25 meters in height, and it takes about 30 people to make them move!

The city streets are filled with musicians and dancers in colorful costumes entertaining the crowd. The most elite restaurants and cafe organize bright costume shows.

Carnivals of Viareggio are considered to be the most daring and revealing of all the carnivals in Italy. Even now, so many years later, papier - mache floats at the carnival carts remind celebrities and politicians of nowadays.

Viareggio Carnival Floats

Berlusconi - Prodi Floats on the Carnival of Viareggio


The Carnival of Viareggio 2013 Dates

In 2013 Viareggio carnival dates are February, 3, 10, 12, 17 and March, 3. The dolls parades will go along the seaside avenue of Viareggio Italy.

Here you can find the program and the schedule of the masquerade (page 2) show for 2013. Sorry, only in Italian but quite straight forward.




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