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There are so many interesting things to do in Lucca Italy when you know when and where to go.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary The small Medieval village of Lucca is famous for its villas and gardens, churches and opera, fountains and festivals, hot springs and cigars.

Many travel guides call Lucca a must see in Tuscany, Italy.

Below you will find the best things to see in Lucca Tuscany including upcoming Lucca events 2012.


Things to See in Lucca Italy

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Lucca in Tuscany is one of the few Italian cities where you still can find ancient fortress walls of more than 4 km in diameter. These old stone walls give the town this magic and romantic atmosphere of Medieval Lucca. You can walk around the Lucca wall both inside and outside, and even walk on top of it or rent a bike and ride!

The amount of beautiful Lucca villas, palaces and private residences is amazing (more than 300) and they have a big art value.

Lucca cathedrals, churches and museums also call a huge interest. Lucca in Tuscany is called a town of a hundred churches.

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Mosaic of Christ in Majesty Dating from the 13th Century, Lucca, Italy

Mosaic of Christ in Majesty, Lucca Tuscany Italy

Puccini and Boccherini Museums

You can visit Lucca museums of native Lucca musicians and composers - Puccini and Boccherini.

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Art Gallery at Mansi Palace

If you like art then visiting an interesting Art Gallery held at the Mansi Palace (Palazzo Mansi) is among interesting things to do in Lucca.

This is a National Art Gallery with valuable paintings located in one of the most luxury buildings of Lucca Tuscany.

Art Gallery at Mansi Palace address: Via Galli Tassi, 43 - Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. View the address on the map.

The Gallery is open in the summer with the following schedule:

  • weekdays 8:30 to 19:30
  • week-ends 8:30 to 13:30

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Quercia di Pinocchio or Quercia delle Streghe

For when you are looking for interesting things to do in Lucca for a family with children consider giving a visit to Capannori, Lucca, Tuscany for its giant magic old oak.

The Pinocchio Oak is a 600 year old oak tree located in the area of Lucca in the park of Villa Carrara in San Martino in Colle (Capannori, Lucca) which recently became an Italian national monument.

View Villa Carrara address on the map.

This oak tree is also called The Oak of the Witches (Quercia delle Streghe) and, according to legend, witches were dancing on the Oak brunches that gave this unusual shape to the tree.



Things to do in Lucca Italy - Lucca Events 2012

Among the most interesting things to do in Lucca Tuscany and the best events and attractions to visit are traditional Lucca festivals held yearly. Festivals in Lucca will keep you busy through the summer to late autumn if you plan your travel to Lucca in advance considering the festival dates.

In Lucca you can visit following festivals:

Summer Lucca Festival

Lucca Summer Festival 2012 of Rock and Pop Music is a very significant annual event in Lucca held in July on Piazza Napoleone.

Puccini Festival Torre del Lago 2012 (Festival Pucciniano)

Tosca Puccini Opera Lucca 2012Lucca Opera Puccini Festival is held in August in Torre del Lago, just a few steps from the Villa Mausoleum. This is a must do in Tuscany for Opera lovers

There is a bus operating from Lucca to Torre del Lago when you decide to use public transport for visiting Puccini Festival Lucca.

Puccini Festivals are held yearly in Gran Teatro all'aperto - Great Open Air Theatre in Via delle Torbiere, Torre del Lago (LU). The theater has the capacity for 3370 seats!

In 2012, on the 58° Festival Puccini, there such famous Puccini opera as TOSCA, MADAMA BUTTERFLY and LA BOHEME will be performed through July to August. Remember to dress accordingly when visiting Puccini Opera in Torre del Lago, Lucca.

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Palio di San Paolino Lucca Event 2012

Palio della Balestra di San Paolino or St. Paulinus Palio - that's how it sounds in English - is another summer event in Lucca Italy held on July 11 and 12, 2012, at 21:30 dedicated to the patron of Lucca Saint Paulinus.

Lucca Palio of St. Paulinus is a Medieval crossbow competition held in Lucca since the 14th century. Unbelievable but the first rules of crossbow Palio, dated 29 of June 1443, are still stored in the State Archives of Lucca and are valid even today!

Opening ceremony with flags parades is normally held on July 11. All citizens of Lucca come to the Cathedral and then go altogether to the Basilica of St. Paulinus.

The Palio race itself is held on 12 of July 2012. In the morning, the day of the Palio, the herald announces the start of the competition. The Palio itself is held in the evening on the Piazza San Martino square. Each participant may make only one shot with a crossbow and the shot is done from the distance of 36 meters from the target.

The Lucca Palio event ends up with large fireworks. The entrance to the Palio is free.


Antique markets Lucca

All summer long you can enjoy visiting Sunday flea markets in Lucca Tuscany. Lucca is famous for its markets of antiques which are held every Sunday in the summer.

Find more markets in Tuscany by days of the week.


Viareggio Carnival

When visiting Lucca area in February - March, you just can't miss bright and colorful Carnival of Viareggio. You children will absolutely love giant papier-mache floats of the Viareggio Carnival.

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