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Many tourists planning a shopping in Italy face the same question: Where to shop in Italy?

Shopping in Italy - TuscanyChoosing a shopping city in Italy is very important so that you won't feel disappointed that your shopping has failed.

In Italy there are no bad or good places to shop because every city is designed for different type of customer.


Here we will do an Italian clothes and accessories shopping overview to help you answer the question "Where to shop in Italy?".

In this shopping in Italy guide I will explain:

  • Where you can get cheap designer clothes Made in Italy
  • What is the best place for buying Italian designer handbags, shoes and dresses of latest collections
  • How to combine your holidays in Italy with quality shopping
  • How and where to find outlet in Italy
  • How much do clothes cost in Italy
  • Where to shop in Italy wholesale


"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. "
- Bo Derek

So let's get started! First of all...

Why Doing Clothes Shopping in Italy?

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary You should visit clothes shops in Italy for at least one of these reasons:

Buy Italian designer clothes of latest collections

Buy luxury designer clothes from Italy, shoes and handbags at discount price in outlet shops in Italy

Buy quality Italian clothes, shoes and bags, jewelry and sunglasses

Buy famous designer fur coat and leather clothing Made in Italy


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Interesting Shopping in Italy Facts
Outlets in Italy, Where to shop in Italy Italian designer brand shops in Italy have almost the same prices for the same brands in all Italian cities.

Generally the north of Italy has more luxury Italian clothing brands in comparison with the south. The north of Italy (Milan, Florence) also provides more quality clothes and larger assortment than the south.

The south of Italy has a larger choice of swimwear due to the warmer climate.

The center of Italy has most of the shoes and handbags manufacturers.

Factory stock outlets in Italy are the best places to buy designer clothes of past collections with great discounts (up to 70%) all year round. Most of outlet shops in Italy are located near big cities. Read more about outlets in Florence, Tuscany.

During the seasonal sales in Italy (Saldi Stagionali) - January, February in the winter and July, August in the summer - you can deduct 30-50% of the normal price, in both Italy designer outlets and shops. Clothes sales is the best time to do some quality shopping as you won't get it much cheaper than that.


Do Shopping in Milan Italy When...

Milan is the best shopping destination in Italy for the people who are looking to buy quality fashion clothing from latest collections, designer clothes from pret-a-porte fashion shows or vintage things.

Where to shop in Italy: Milan area?

One of the reasons to do clothes shopping in Milan is if you are interested in very fancy clothes created by young Italian designers. If so you can visit their showrooms in Milan where you can choose your unique dress made in one single copy. These things are generally less expensive but always made with quality materials and often have an unusual design.

Where to shop in Italy

Dolce & Gabbana Shop via della Spiga, Milan Italy

Milan is also a very good place for buying very elegant and stylish fur coats in Italy. Milan has a very large selection of fur of amazing designs. However, fur is a bit pricey here: fur coats prices in Milan start from 2000 - 3000 Euro.

There also many designer factory outlets in Milan selling outdated clothes collections from past seasons for about half-price.

It is generally considered that in Milan designer shops you can find the largest assortment of clothes and other accessories of famous brands in whole Italy. However, the prices for Milan clothing are a bit higher than in other shopping destinations in Italy.

Most of clothing boutiques in Milan Italy are located within so called Golden Triangle - Via Montenapoleone, Via Andrea, Via Gesu, Via Borgospesso and Via della Spiga.

Here you will find the most elegant and luxury boutiques of Italian designers. Montenapoleone street in Milan is one of the most expensive and prestigiuos streets in the world.

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The stores found in this shopping guide are the most positively reviewed and recommended by locals and travelers. Antiques, Arcades, Art Galleries, Arts & Crafts, Baby Gear & Furniture, Bookstores, Cards & Stationery, Children's Clothing, Comic Books, Convenience Stores, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply,Department Stores, Discount Store, Drugstores, Electronics, Eyewear & Opticians, Fabric Stores, Fashion, Flea Markets, Florists, Furniture Stores, Gift Shops, Grocery, Hair Salons, Hobby Shops, Home Decor, Jewelry, Kitchen & Bath, Leather Goods, Lingerie, Luggage, Mags, Men's Clothing, Music & DVDs, Outdoor Gear, Outlet Stores, Party Supplies, Perfume, Personal Shopping, Shoe Stores, Shopping Centers, Sporting Goods, Sports Wear, Thrift Stores, Toy Stores and many more options to visit and enjoy your stay.


Do Shopping in Rimini, San Marino or Bologna When...

Bologna, San Marino or Rimini are the best shopping locations when you are looking to buy designer clothes for less or want to combine your holidays with shopping in Italy.

Where to shop in Italy: Rimini, San Marino or Bologna?

In these areas you can find cheap fur coats and sunglasses of less-known Italian brands and designer brands at a discount price. For example, you can buy fur coats for 600 - 700 Euro a piece at fur outlet in Rimini Italy.

There are many factory outlets around Rimini where you can buy cheap Italian clothing, shoes and accessories wholesale. Normally these are medium to high range Italian designer brands such as Vicini, Baldinini, Pollini, Sergio Rossi, Prada, Fabi, Fabiani, TODs and more.

However, Rimini doesn't have many luxury brands at discount prices. When you are on holidays in Rimini you may consider visiting the Mall outlet of Florence which is located not so far away.

Bologna also has numerous factory outlets very well suitable for wholesale purchasing which is perfect if you have your own clothes shop and looking for where to shop in Italy wholesale.


Do Shopping in Florence Italy When...

Florence is the city of factory outlets in Italy. Prada, Gucci, D & G, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and many other luxury designer brands can be found in numerous outlets near Florence.

Where to shop in Italy: Florence?

Florence outlet shopping, in my opinion, is the best way to buy luxury Italian brands due to the significant price reduction.

In Florence outlets you won't get latest fashion collections like in Milan but a huge price difference for luxury brands will make you forget this little inconvenience.

In Florence there is also a large number of private workshops where specialized masters make beautiful leather shoes and handbags. You can also visit fur and leather factories in the surburb of Florence.

Florence shopping issue is so huge that I invite you to visit a separate page dedicated to where to shop in Florence Italy.


Private Driver The MALL Outlet from Florence VIP Limo service


Do Shopping in Rome, Venice, Naples or Turin When...

Rome italy shoppingShopping in Rome, Venice, Turin or Naples in Italy is for those who wants to combine sightseeing holidays with shopping. Having your holidays in one of these cities you won't need to worry about where to shop in Italy.

Where to shop in Italy: Rome, Venice, Turin and Naples?

Rome, Venice and Tourin have boutique shops streets where you will find luxury brand clothing made in Italy. They also all have factory stock outlets in the surburb of the city where you can get cheap designer clothes due to 30-70% discount.

The most prestigious designer shops In Rome Italy are located on Piazza di Spagna and surrounding streets.

A good place to buy designer labels at a discount in Rome is Castel Romano Designer Outlet located in Pomezia which is 30 km south from Rome Italy.

In Rome, there are also many specialized workshops where you can buy or order a fur coat at the best prices in Italy.

Here you can find interesting ideas for shopping in Venice Italy.

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How Much do Clothes Cost in Italy?

how much do clothes cost in italy If you are curious how much clothes cost in Italy here you will find approximate prices for less-known Italian brands which nevertheless have a decent quality and are well appreciated by Italians.

This price range may vary a little depending on the area where you shop in Italy and on the reseller.

  • Leather coat made in Italy - about 100 - 350 Euro
  • Italian leather shoes - about 70 - 200 Euro
  • Italian leather handbag - about 50 - 150 Euro
  • Women dresses - about 30 - 80 Euro
  • Kid's clothing - from 5 Euro

When you are not after Italian famous brand names you can buy quality clothes made in Italy like jeans, T-shirts or sweaters for only 20-30 Euro.

"I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. "
- Tammy Faye Bakker


I have very recently been looking for a new bikini for myself and a swimming suit for my little daughter. Having visited many specialized swimwear shops with large variety of prices I have discovered a perfect lingerie and beachwear shop TEZENIS. You will find them throughout Italy on main shopping streets.

This is not advertising and I do not get any commission if you shop in TEZENIS. It's just really a great lingerie shop with amazing designs and fabrics and low prices where I shop myself. I thought you'd like it too.


Wholesale Clothing Italy

However, for buying Italian clothes wholesale or very cheap I recommend visiting stock outlets where you will find fashion designer clothing of old collections at half-price or less.

Or even better, do wholesale clothes shopping at designer outlets in Italy during the sales when you can get luxury Italian designer brands for almost quarter of the original price. Winter and summer sales in Italy is the best time buy cheap designer clothes.


Here is a Google map of all the Outlet shops in Italy

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Wondering how to visit all of the shopping outlets during your stay in Italy?
Consider taking a private transfer:

Serravalle Outlet Shopping Experience

Best private transfers in italy

Experience the McArthur Glen concept of shopping at the Serravalle Outlet, near Alessandria, only 50 minutes away from Milan. This is the first designer outlet in Italy and the biggest in Europe, realized according to McArthurGlen's concept.

Choose from a range of prestigious world brands such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Guess, Roberto Cavalli and the likes.

Italy is truly a shoppers paradise.


I wish you great shopping in Italy experience! Please come back and share your shoppers tips with us!


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