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Tuscany bike tours are becoming a very popular way of exploring Tuscany.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Splendid Tuscan hills and breathtaking views were almost ideally made for being observed from a bike.

Here I'd like to give some useful Tuscany bike tips for cycling lovers for an easy navigation through a big variety of tours on the market these days.

However, remember to take care of your safety during your bike Tuscany vacations. Read more about medical evacuation and repatriationand have great cycling holidays in Tuscany, Italy!


What are Tuscany Bike Tours?

Tuscany bike tours are organized by tour agency cycling trips. So you see, the main difference between bike tours and regular biking is organization.

There are plenty of specialized bike tour companies supplying this service. There are many agencies who who'd offer you bike rental in Tuscany, their best itineraries, maps, guides (including English-speaking guides) to lead you through the best sightseeing of the region.

Don't get lost in a big variety of offers. Always keep in mind that there are 3 basic types of bike tours:

Unguided bike tours
Guided bike tours
Mountain bike tours

Take the most exciting guided bike tours in Tuscany!

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Florence by Bike: A Guided Tour of the City’s Highlights
Cortona - Easy guided eBike tour around the Etruscan City
... and more!

Take a look at the best guided bike tours in Tuscany that have been pre-selected especially for you!


Self-Guided Bike Tours in Tuscany

What can you expect from unguided bike tours? What value will you get for your money if - as the name suggests - there is no guide?

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A typical self-guided bike tour in Tuscany Italy includes the following services organized by a tour agency:

  • Meeting you at the airport / train station and transfer to the hotel (optional)
  • Agency will provide you with variety of interesting and picturesque itineraries to choose from
  • After the itinerary is selected you'll get a detailed map of the route which like a good guide-book marks each turn on your way
  • Bike rental, equipped with helmet and water bottle. You are also welcome to use your own bike if you want
  • Hotels with breakfast will be booked on the way of your trip (in case of multiday bike tours)
  • Luggage transfer service (in case of multiday Tuscany bike tours). You do not need to ride a bike with luggage behind your back. Agency will deliver your luggage to the next hotel reserved for you on the way.
  • Emergency phone number you can call anytime when you think something goes wrong.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary In case of multiday bike tours you are supposed to follow the itinerary planned for you in a way that you'll arrive to the next hotel by the evening. You take a break and sleep, have your breakfast in the morning and sit back on your bike to continue the route.

You have a lunch in a restaurant on the way. Since the tour is well planned in advance you can count on a nice typical Tuscany dish and tasting Tuscany wine. And fantastic views!

One day Tuscany bike tours are much simpler. Their length may vary from very short tours, about 1 - 2 hours ride, up to full day tours when you arrive to your destination only at the end of a day.


Guided Bike Tours

Tuscany bike toursGuided biking in Tuscany , indeed, presumes having a guide. Guide is a person who will lead you through your biking itinerary. He will also point your attention at all the sightseeing on the way - whether it is a famous 12th century castle or vineyards of Chianti. Ideally he will answer all your questions about surroundings, maybe even adding some history.

He will also take care of emergency situations like first aid. He will bring you for lunch to the best restaurant in the area and help with ordering. You will perhaps feel safer and more relaxed biking in Tuscany with a good guide.

In case of multiday guided tours you will normally get the same services as above regarding itinerary, hotel and luggage transfer, with only (important) difference that you will follow the guide during your route instead of trying to figure out yourself which turn to take on the next crossroad.

The advantage of guided cycling holidays is, of course, having a guide. When you are new in the country biking in Tuscany with a guide will make you feel more secure. You not only will get helped with your itinerary but also with any unexpected problems on the way. A good guide will provide necessary atmosphere in a group and make the ride joyful and memorable.

The disadvantage of guided Tuscany bike tours is, perhaps, their cost in comparison with unguided ones, especially in case of multiday bike tour. That's also logical since you are fully accompanied by a guide 24 hours a day. But if you can afford it, it will be totally worth it!

Hereby a few examples of well organized one day Tuscany bike tours in Italy:

And this is an example of day Tuscany bike wine tours in Chianti wine area:


MTB tours

Although most of Tuscany bike tours use mountain bikes, MTB tours are specifically designed for when the process itself of going through complicated mountain itineraries is a GOAL. Due to hilly landscapes mountain biking in Tuscany is very popular.

Many tours of this type are unguided when an instructor only gives directions to the bikers and lets them go. With these tours many times you will be staying at one same hotel (or any other accommodation) and going every day from there for a new itinerary.

Mountain bike vacations in Tuscany are fun and popular. Read more about mastering your mountain bike skills.


Mountain Bike Maintenance When choosing a bike tour you should always pay attention at the level of difficulty and select the one which is right for you.

You should be physically fit and be able to ride a bike. The tours for those who never saw a bike don't exist.

Thus, most of Tuscany bike tours are accessible for average people unless you specifically apply for complicated mountain bike tours. A tour agency will give you brief safety instructions before you start.


Tuscany Bike Routes

Here are some great Tuscany bike routes for you to enjoy. Great view, fun rides, wonderful experience!


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