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Enjoying spa in Tuscany along with healing thermal baths in natural hot springs is one of the best natural gifts you can treat yourself and your family with during your holidays in Tuscany Italy.

Did you know that Tuscan land generously offers wide variety of natural thermal baths and mineral hot springs which healing properties have been appreciated for many centuries?

In Tuscany there are many hot spring around which whole cities were built!

Here I'd like to take you on a tour through the best spa in Tuscany and their specialization, famous Tuscan hot springs locations, Tuscany spa hotels and the thermal baths you can enjoy for free!


Tuscany Hot Springs Spa Benefits

Physical wellness benefits:

Thermal water and related treatments goal is to purify and detox your body. Visiting spa you eliminate toxins and metabolic waste which not only increases immune system but makes you feel lighter and increases your general vitality.

Spa beauty and relax benefits:

Active elements of thermal waters give a significant sedative action. Warm mineral water has the ability to relax you not just physically but also emotionally. Besides, thermal waters improve microcirculation which is a base before proceeding with any other skin beauty treatments.

Spa health benefits:

Thermal spring water can help with many health problems such as:

  • rehabilitation after accidents and fractures
  • joints and rheumatic pains
  • respiratory disorders
  • liver and kidney diseases

Healing Springs: Guide to Taking the Waters


How to choose a spa in Tuscany?

All hot springs have different specializations. All depends on their location as mineral waters in varios areas have different mineral composition which will be listed below.

Spa in Tuscany

When choosing a hot spring resort in Tuscany you may want to consult your doctor but most common contraindication of spa water treatment are acute infections, certain skin and heart diseases, cancer and all chronic diseases in the acute stage.


Looking for Tuscany Spa Hotel?

Finding a Tuscany spa hotel is easy because there are many of them. On the other hand, choosing the best spa hotel in Tuscany is a hard task since they are all good!

Hereby I've collected for you the Top 10 Tuscany spa hotels:

  1. Adler Thermae Spa & Relax Resort - Travelers' Choice 2012
    Bagno Vignoni, Italy

  2. Golden Tower Hotel & Spa
    Florence, Italy

  3. Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa
    San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy

  4. Petriolo Spa Resort - Travelers' Choice 2012
    Civitella Paganico, Italy

  5. Grotta Giusti Resort, Golf & Spa
    Monsummano Terme, Italy

  6. Photos of Castello del Nero Boutique Hotel & Spa, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa
    This photo of Castello del Nero Boutique Hotel & Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

  7. Argentario Golf Resort & Spa
    Porto Ercole, Italy

  8. Riva del Sole Resort & SPA
    Castiglione Della Pescaia, Italy

  9. Mondial Resort & Spa
    Marina Di Pietrasanta, Italy

  10. Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa
    San Giuliano Terme, Italy

  11. Castello del Nero Boutique Hotel & Spa
    Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Italy


Spa Mineral Thermal Waters

Tuscany hot springs may have different types of thermal waters. Hereby some general properties of thermal waters.

Thermal water: Bicarbonate-carbonic
Where: Chianciano
Help with: digestive disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Thermal water: Bicarbonate and calcium
Where: Casciana
Help with: respiratory disorders, immune system

Thermal water: Sodium chloride
Where: Montecatini
Help with: stimulate circulation, digestive system disorders

Thermal water: Alkaline-earth and sulfate
Where: San Giuliano
Help with: respiratory problems, improve circulation and release the stress

Thermal water: Sulphurous
Where: Saturnia
Help with: skin diseases, osteoporosis

Secrets of Creating Spa Water at Home


Best Spas in Tuscany

Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme resort is located not far from Florence so this town is also considered an important tourist attraction center. Spa resorts in Montecatini are specialized on a variety of baths, mud therapy, physical therapy and kinesitherapy in a thermal pool bath.

Read more about:

Montecatini Terme Spa


Monsummano Terme

Monsummano Terme is famous for its natural underground thermal baths - Caves Grotta Giusti and Grotta Parlanti with the most beautiful lake Il Limbo inside.

Monsummano Terme is situated not far from Montecatini Terme, near Pistoia.

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Monsummano Terme Spa


Saturnia Hot Spring

Saturnia Italy is one of the most beautiful places in Maremma and is one of the best and most famous spas in Italy. The specialty of Saturnia spa resort are natural hot water falls always warm all year round.

The access to Saturnia thermal baths is absolutely free.

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Saturnia Italy Hot Springs




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