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Tuscany car rental can be very handy if you are getting to Tuscany with airplane and you need the transport afterwards. As touristic as it is, Tuscany is fully prepared and equipped to offer all types of car rentals to its guests.

Tuscany car rental is truly done very easy and conveniently.

You can rent a car in the airport, in the port or in the city. You can get a car at one airport and bring it back to another one. You can choose anything from small and very affordable Fiat Panda to luxury car rental Tuscany including Tuscany limousine service, with or without a driver.

You can even rent a motorcycle or a bike if you'd like that. The options are endless and can only be limited by your budget and taste.


Tuscany car

Driving in Tuscany Italy


I highly recommend moving around Tuscany by car when you are staying in a private villa or a farmhouse, if you are planning to travel from town to town, to visit remote beaches and parks, and have a general freedom of transportation during your travel to Tuscany.

But if you decide to just see Florence - or any other city - renting a car may even be quite inconvenient as there are many narrow streets and standard parking problems in Tuscan cities.

For visiting only city in Tuscany I suggest either walking, including taking part in organized walking tours, or using regular and specialized Sightseeing buses.


The major Italian car rentals companies in Tuscany are Maggiore, Auto Europe, Europcar, and Hertz.

Here you will find a list of car hire companies by town including directions for renting a car in the airport:

Florence Car Rental

Pisa Rental Car

To find your best price of car hire in Tuscany, Italy consider booking online in advance.


You can save quite a lot of money by booking your car online. One of the places with low car rental fares is Budget Rent-a-Car.

Book your car hire online and save


Tuscany Car Rental: General Requirements


  1. Book your rental car early
    It is particularly important if you're traveling in high season (from May to September).
    If you don't reserve one previously you might still be lucky to find yourself a rental car in Tuscany available. But it will save you a lot of stress and money if you book in advance as many rental companies are just fully booked in high season.

  2. Working credit card required
    This is a must for all Tuscany car rentals.
    Very important: you will not get a car if your credit card will appear to be not working. Most of car rentals do not accept a cash deposit.

  3. Valid international drivers license
    The driver must not be younger than 21 years old (in some rental companies - 23 years old) and have at least one year of driving experience.
  4. Your passport or ID card
    Required by most of the rental companies in Tuscany (but you probably won't travel without it anyway).


Driving in Tuscany Tips

Tuscany Car Driving in Tuscany

Driving in Tuscany Italy is quite similar to driving in any European country so there will be no surprises here.

Make sure to keep the following speed limits unless indicated otherwise:

  • City 50 km/h
  • State roads (strade regionale, strade provinciali) 90 km/h
  • Highway (autostrade) 130 km/h


You should also know that there are many speed control devices installed on the roads. You can be photographed and receive a fine by post. Traffic penalties in Tuscany are quite high, and I guess paying fines is not your preferred way of spending holiday money.

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

Do you know what are the best villages to visit in Tuscany by car?

Visit Siena and San Gimignano, and you won't be disappointed.

But what if you really enjoy speeding (like if you rented a luxury sport car which doesn't make any sense at 130 km/h)? Check out the location of all fixed speed control devices on Italian autostrade.

You can plan your route and check the real time highway traffic in Tuscany by visiting the official Italian highway organization.

One more thing to be aware of are parking fines in Tuscan cities and towns. Control over the wrong parking is very strict in Tuscany, and fines are getting written with unbelievable speed.

If you wish to have a good map for driving in Tuscany check out our large selection of different Tuscany maps such as street and highway maps:


I wish you to enjoy your Tuscany car rental experience, and the freedom that a rental car can give you during your traveling to Tuscany.

For luxury car rental services in Tuscany please visit:

Luxury Car Rental


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