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What a perfect Tuscan Versilia beach look like? And what is so special about Versilia coast anyway - Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi?

Versilia Riviera is located on the northern Tuscan coast. What is Versilia exactly?

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Versilia Italy is a 20 km long line of sandy white beaches divided into seven municipalities:




Forte dei Marmi




The most popular and the best Versilia beaches are those of Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Pietrasanta and Marina di Massa.

Perfect holiday weather on Versilia coast starts approximately from the middle of May although the swimming season in Versilia usually starts in June. Because of the proximity of Apuan Alps summer rains almost never happen here and elite Tuscan beach resorts are naturally protected from wind.

Viareggio beaches white sand

White sandy Versilia Beach, Italy

Tuscany Versilia beaches are, indeed, among the top beaches of Italy.


Versilia Beach: Viareggio Italy

Viareggio is a capital of Versilia Riviera. Away from the hustle of big cities Viareggio became a town where already from XIX century wealthy residents of Florence came to escape from the heat of the city.

Cooling shade of pine forests, clear sea waters, sandy beaches and picturesque Versilia coast framed by Apuan Alps made Viareggio Italy a perfect famous tourist location. Restaurants and discos of Viareggio gather people from the whole Italy.

Viareggio beach   Beach viareggio

Viareggio Beach

The famous Promenade of Viareggio, Tuscany is stretched along Versilia coast for more than 3 km. Viareggio Italy is famous for its stunning beaches, boats and yachts. There are many hotels in Viareggio located along the coast many of which are in Liberty style.

In Viareggio everybody rides a bike, people of all ages. Many hotels in Viareggio offer bike rental service and the town itself is well equipped with special bike lanes which makes it easy to ride a bike in Viareggio Italy. More about biking in Tuscany.

Ice cream in Viareggio is also fantastic!

Versilia Viareggio Beach Tuscany Italy

Sandy Viareggio Beach, Tuscan Riviera

Beaches of Viareggio are almost all paid. You pay the for beach equipment - an umbrella and a beach chair. There are just a few free Viareggio beaches located mostly far away from hotels.

Every Viareggio beach has its own infrastructure and design of umbrellas and sun beds. Some Viareggio beaches have an extra swimming pool with sea water which you can use for additional price.

You can save money on visiting a paid Viareggio beach when you pay for only one umbrella and two sun beds and enjoy it with 4 or more people.

Just take an extra beach towel with you to place next to the paid sun bed. This policy is allowed on almost all beaches. Otherwise your beach vacation in Viareggio can turn out quite expensive.

The disadvantage of Versilia Italy beaches is that they are extremely crowded and jellyfish may arrive end of the summer.


Jellyfish Tuscany Versilia beaches

Jellyfish Versilia Beach, Tuscany Italy


Versilia Beach: Forte dei Marmi Italy

Forte dei Marmi Italy resort in Tuscany is a center of social life of Versilia.

Many celebrities and rich people - singers, actors, artists, businessmen - come to spend their holidays on Forte dei Marmi beaches. Some of them stay in luxury hotels in Forte dei Marmi, some prefer an expensive luxury villa for rent. Many Russian rich people own luxury villas in Forte dei Marmi, on Versilia Riviera.

"You never know how many friends you have
until you rent a house on the beach"

White sandy beaches in Forte dei Marmi, Italy are beautiful but incredibly crowded in the summer.

Forte dei Marmi beach Versilia

White Forte dei Marmi Beach, Versilia Italy


Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta and Marina di Massa have similar sandy coast lines with beaches as Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi.

Versilia Riviera beach vacation is elite, prestigious and wild. Night life in Versilia is busy and important.

When you prefer a more quite type of beach vacation you may consider visiting sandy natural beaches of Maremma, Tuscany. Maremma southern coast of Tuscany is also perfect for holidays with babies and small children as the beaches there are very clean and safe, and the atmosphere is relaxed and less hectic.

Surf the Island for HOT STYLES

However, remember to take care of your safety during travel especially when traveling with children. Read more about medical evacuation and repatriation and have great beach holidays in Tuscany!

You may be also interested in some popular summer beach accessories:


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Versilia Map

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