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Tasting Tuscany wine is a real treat for both your body and soul, and I'd recommend making it one of your must-do's during your travel to Tuscany. And here is why.

Tuscany is proud to be called the land of excellent wine.

Tuscany in general is considered to be the heart of Italian wine making industry and tasting Tuscany wine - one of the main "sightseeing" of the region.

Chianti Tuscany Wine Wine-making tradition in Tuscany is very old, and many of its wines are famous worldwide. Just imagine that thousands of tourists from the whole world are getting to Tuscany every year for the best of Italy wine tasting tours. They wouldn't have done that if that was not worth it!

Not to forget: good Italian red wine keeps you younger and healthier as the latest studies showed. You can't miss taking advantage of these health benefits of drinking red wine during you travel to Tuscany.

And the main reason is that the wines coming from Tuscany are just truly delicious. Some can be consumed by themselves; some will add extra taste to your dishes. Some old cheeses, for example, accompanied by Tuscany wines can take you away directly to heaven!

Read more about best Tuscany wines and wine serving temperature and tips.

"Even an atheist may be ready to concede
that a good wine is the drink of gods."
- Paul Carvel


I personally love taking a glass of red Chianti Classico with bistecca fiorentina - fiorentine steak (make it another must-do on your holiday checklist, although it doesn’t have to be necessarily connected with wine at all).


Take the most exciting Tuscany guided wine tours in Chianti!

Chianti Wine Tour in Tuscany from Florence
Chianti Safari: Tuscan Villas with vineyards, Cheese, Wine & Lunch
Wine Tasting Experience in the Tuscan Countryside

Horseback Ride with Tuscan Lunch & Chianti Tasting
... and more!

Take a look at the best guided wine tours in Chianti that have been pre-selected especially for you!


What are the Best Ways of Tasting Tuscany Wine?

Tasting Tuscany WineApparently over the years tasting Tuscany wine became a real touristic attraction. When you'd like an organized guided wine tasting in Tuscany Italy then, perhaps, you should choose for wine tours in Tuscany Italy. There are many of Tuscany wine tasting tours nowadays, from group to individual, you can go as crazy as you like.

Tuscan wine tours are among the most interesting Italy wine tasting tours.

What can you expect from Wine Tours Tuscany?

Visiting Tuscany territories with high wine production, wineries and restaurants with typical cuisine accompanied by tasting best wines. Many wine tours combine both biking tours, cooking classes and food degustation.

Just a few examples of wine tours in Tuscany:

Half day Chianti Vineyard Escape with Wine Tastings

Pasta Making Class Wine Tasting in a Tuscan Castle

Chianti Wineries Tour with Tuscan Lunch

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

Here you can find more red wine information about calories, proteins, fats and carbs in red wine depending on its type.

If you are not a wine expert yourself having a Tuscany guided tour can be very convenient: you not only can visit Tuscan vineyards and wineries and see where the most famous wines in the world are produced, walk through the vineyards, taste best wines directly from wineries cellars, but also get a suggestion on combining these wines with typical Tuscan dishes for complete satisfaction.

Wine tours Tuscany, by the way, are also perfect for discovering all the other original Tuscan treasures like magnificent landscapes, local architecture and delicious local cuisine. Or if you just want to have a fun memorable day of your holiday I'd recommend taking a guided wine tasting tour.

Wine Tours in Tuscany

Best Tuscany Wine


Tuscany Wine Buying & Tasting Tips

Tasting Tuscany wine at enotecaHowever, if you already have some experience in selecting and combining wines or you simply would like to enjoy tasting Tuscany wine together with your friends and family in your holiday home - avoiding organized tours - here is where you can buy Italian wine:


  1. Directly from the wineries - personally or online

  2. From specialized wine bars (enoteca)
  3. Tasting Tuscany wine at these wine shops can give you an opportunity to taste wines at reasonable prices and eventually buy them. The wine degustation can be accompanied by the typical snacks.

    The wine shops normally keep a close contact with the direct wine producers. If you fell in love with the certain Tuscany wine you tasted then wine shops can redirect you to the wine producers for buying larger amounts.

    Buying in wine bars/shops is possible both physically and online. The advantage of physical presence is tasting Tuscany wine before buying it.

  4. In big super- and hypermarkets
  5. Tasting Tuscany WineDon't dismiss this option right away because large supermarkets (like Ipercoop) have a very wide selection of Tuscany wines, including very branded and priced ones.

    If you are sure about which wine you want to buy many times you can find the best prices when buying in supermarkets. (Remember that buying directly from the manufacturer does not always guarantee you the best price.)

    However, when buying in wine shops you can ask for advice of an expert which you won't get in supermarkets.


Investing in En Primeur Wines

There is, however, one more interesting option of buying or, better said, investing in tasting Tuscany wine - "en primeur". This is sort of innovative opportunity for best buy of branded fine Italian wine.

En primeur wines

You can virtually purchase bottles of en primeur wines from a few months to a few years before actually receiving them. You will get your wine only after the necessary aging and maturing period.

If for you tasting Tuscany wine is something more than just a tourist attraction and you are really passionate about it, investing in en primeur wine is the best way of purchasing elite Tuscany wines. You'll get them at a much lower rate and - who knows? - maybe after 20 years you'll give a bottle to your son on his big day.

Here are my recommended best Tuscany wines. Try them, they're a real treat. The best of Tuscany.


Best Tuscany Wine


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