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What's Your Favorite of the Tuscan Beaches -
Versilia Beach, Maremma Beach, Livorno or Elba?


Visiting Tuscany beaches is a fun way of discovering Tuscany.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Spending time on the beach in Tuscany Italy will not only be filled with joy of blending yourself with warm waters and white sand but, in a way, it gives you a chance to see the importance of beaches in lives of local people.

Here I will share with you some of the best beaches in Tuscany Italy.

Crowded and elite Versilia, rustic and natural Maremma, picturesque Livorno and splendid Elba sea coast of Tuscany.

Enjoy your Tuscany beach holidays!


Here are some of the best Beaches in Tuscany Italy


Tuscan Versilia Beaches

North of Tuscany is worldwide famous for its beaches. Versilia coast line between Viareggio and Marina di Carrara generously welcomes hundreds (or even thousands) of tourists a year on its sandy Italy beaches of Versilia, Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore and Forte dei Marmi.

All Versilia beaches are well maintained, crowded and mainly consist of the lines of sun beds and umbrellas.

Versilia beach Tuscany

Lido di Camaiore Photo, Versilia Italy

So if you prefer more touristic, busy and elite beach holidays then with no doubt your destination is La Versilia - Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore or Forte dei Marmi.

Night life in Versilia is normally also very busy. Viareggio discos gather elite visitors from the whole Italy.

Read more about beautiful Versilia coast and find top hotels, vacation rentals and best restaurants in Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore and Forte dei Marmi:

Versilia Beaches of Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi

Visiting Lido di Camaiore

Visiting Viareggio

Visiting Forte dei Marmi


Tuscany on the Beach. Did you know that...?

Tuscany BeachesMost of the Italian women go al mare (to the beach) from early April until late September, every weekend if they can. It is something from the local culture, and getting dark bronze tan by the end of the season in Tuscany is almost a must.

In Italy, often you can see even older ladies in their 60-70 getting themselves to the beach in the morning and going home by lunch. Or little babies of just one or two months old being brought to the beach to experience for the first time in their lives the importance of mare in the Tuscan culture.

And then, all those numerous stories people are telling each other next day after going to the beach... Curious what are other interesting facts about Italy?


Tuscany Maremma Beaches

A nice alternative is the southern coast of Tuscany with its wild Maremma which is protected by the state nature reserve. Maremma beaches of southern Tuscan coast are, perhaps, the less crowded and the most beautiful and clean beaches of Tuscan coast.

White Maremma beaches of Italy are less touristic and less “elite” (you can not compare the quietness of Maremma with busy and fashionable Versilia). All depends on your taste and on your view of what the best beaches are.

Hereby my selection of the best beaches in Maremma:

Find more White Maremma Beaches

Visiting Castiglione della Pescaia

Visiting Porto Ercole

Maremma beach Tuscany

Natural Maremma Beach, Tuscany Italy


Interesting fact: Have you heard of white Vada beaches?

Tuscany Beaches VadaHave you ever heard of the unique Tuscan beaches in Vada? White sand and blue water... Vada, Italy is like a little paradise.

But be aware that on Vada beaches the sand is so white and the water is so transparent only due to the bicarbonate pollutions of Rosignano Solvay factories.

Swimming in Vada?

Nothing will really happen if you swim in Vada waters a couple of times (hundreds and thousands of tourists enjoy holidays in Vada every year) but my advice is: go for the safe clean waters, especially if you travel with kids.

Luckily, Tuscany has enough beautiful clean child friendly good beaches. Keep on reading and find out.


Livorno Beaches

I hear sometimes that the best beaches in Tuscany are those of Livorno province (going south from Livorno down the coast) - Quercianella, Chioma, Castiglioncello, Rosignano...

Having visited many of Livorno beaches over the years I have a double opinion about that.

Livorno beach
Livorno Sea View

Read more about Livorno beaches and things to do in Livorno following the links below.

Livorno Beaches - Picturesque Bays or Rocky Coasts?

Things to Do in Livorno Italy

Livorno Hotels


Elba beaches

Elba island of Italy is special and splendid.

If you are staying on Elba island you can visit almost any beach and you won't be disappointed. Here are the beaches in Elba I enjoyed the most.


Elba Beach Tuscany

Read more about beaches of Elba island in Tuscany and top rated attractions:

Elba Beaches - Mediterranean Paradise & Tuscany Best Choice

Visiting Elba Island Italy


However, remember to take care of your safety during travel especially when traveling with children. Read more about medical evacuation and repatriation and have great beach holidays in Tuscany!


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