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Maremma Beach in Tuscany?

Best Maremma beaches for your holiday on Maremma coast


Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary White Maremma beach of Tuscany is a perfect alternative to the busy beaches of Versilia.

Southern coast of Tuscany with its wild Maremma is protected by the state nature reserve.

Beaches of Maremma coast are, perhaps, the less crowded and the most beautiful and clean beaches of Tuscany.

Maremma beaches are less touristic and less “elite” but more funny and family friendly, in my opinion.

Your babies or children will enjoy swimming in clean and safe waters of Maremma Italy.


Maremma beach Tuscany

Natural Maremma Beach Tuscany Italy


White Maremma Beaches


  1. Castiglione della Pescaia (Le Rocchette beach) - Maremma Italy
  2. Le Rocchette Tuscany Beach Le Rocchette beach is situated 7 km north from Castiglione della Pescaia. It has its name from the Castle of Rocchette.

    Here you can check out some good Maremma hotels in Castiglione della Pescaia.

    Le Rochette is covered by the thick line of pine trees and golden brown sand.

    Le Rochette beach in Tuscany is perfect for diving and snorkeling. It is also popular for family holidays in Tuscany with babies and children because the waters are low at the coast and get the depth gradually and slowly.

    The sea is clean and clear in this area, but the waters are quite cold which is a typical feature of the beach Le Rocchette. This is due to the many marine streams passing through this area.

    This beach is easily accessible from the village, and provides the visitors with bars and restaurants at the coast.

    You can get to the beach either taking SP158 from Marina di Grosseto (10 km on the north) or SP3 (22 km south of Follonica).


  3. Parco dell'Uccellina (Alberese beach)
  4. The natural Maremma beach of Uccellina Park is situated 10 km away from Grosseto.

    Maremma Tuscany Uccellina Park not only offers you clean, safe and uncontaminated beaches, but also the total relax in the middle of nature.

    Alberese Tuscany Beach

    Alberese beach in Maremma Tuscany Photo

    The Alberese beach at Uccelina Park is one of the most beautiful and clean Tuscany beaches.

    To get to Alberese beach simply take SS1 Aurelia towards Rome if you go from Grosseto. Or take A12 Roma-Civitavecchia and then continue on SS1 Aurelia, if you travel from Rome. In both cases the exit to the Uccelina Park is called Osteria dell'Orco.

    And here are some very good Maremma hotels in the neighborhood.


  5. Spiaggia di Feniglia (Grosseto)
  6. Feniglia beach is also situated in a Natural Park between Ansedonia and Porto Ercole.

    La Feniglia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. White sand, crystal clear waters and long lines of pine trees, so you can rest in a shady area; it's all natural and clean. Feniglia beach is a real paradise for nature lovers.

    Feniglia Tuscany Beach

    La Feniglia Beach is Tuscany Italy

    Feniglia beach is also perfect for family holidays in Tuscany with babies and children: the waters are warm and low in many areas.

    To arrive to Feniglia beach, from SS1/E80 take the exit to Porto Ercole, then follow the signs and take the exit to Feniglia on your left.

    Take a look at the most popular Maremma hotels in Porto Ercole if you'd like to find lodging the area of Feniglia beach.


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However, remember to take care of your safety during travel especially when traveling with children. Read more about medical evacuation and repatriation and have great beach holidays in Tuscany!



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