Terme Saturnia Spa Resort

Saturnia Italy Hot Springs - The Best from the Nature

Terme Saturnia spa is a balneotherapy resort in Italy where you can take thermal baths in hot springs absolutely for free.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary There are, of course, luxury Saturnia spa centers near Saturnia falls but the main hot spring next to the old mill is free and accessible for everyone in any season.

Saturnia is one of the most amazing spa resorts Italy located in the most beautiful and uncontaminated Maremma, Tuscany.

Spa benefit of taking healing thermal baths in minerals springs in Tuscany is combined with the mild climate of Tuscan Maremma surrounded by oak and pine forests and no industrial plants in the neighborhood.


According to the ancient legend, Saturnia Italy hot spring appeared after the lightning of the ancient god Saturn who got enough of the constant wars between people.

In his anger Saturn threw lightning fire down to the ground and the waters started to hit from the resulting crater.

Having floated the surrounding land, the stream pacified warring souls of people giving them in return the never ending recipe of youth and healing.


What is Saturnia Spring?

In reality Saturnia Tuscany spring is a very strong and powerful natural force which generosity is helping people for more than three thousand years to obtain youth and beauty.

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Terme di Saturnia Free Spring Access Photo

Before erupting into a thermal pool the water stays in the crater of the volcano at the depth of 200 meters under the ground, for as much as 40 years. This means that right now you can take thermal baths in Terme Saturnia spa waters given by rain 40 years ago!

At any time of the year hot Terme Saturnia falls give warmth and strength.

Healing Springs: Guide to Taking the Waters


Mineral Spring in Saturnia Spa

Thermal baths of Saturnia Italy are the hot springs with a constant temperature of 37,5 °C. Water of Saturnia falls have the ideal temperature anyone feels comfortable in. The relaxing effect of these thermal baths of Saturnia comes instantly!

"I can't think of any sorrow in the world that a hot bath wouldn't help, just a little bit."
- Susan Glasee

The composition of sulfurous and carbon dioxide waters of Saturnia includes also algae from the bottom of the pond and mineral salts. The power of the spring is amazing - more than 800 liters per second.

Secrets of Creating Spa Water at Home


Looking for a Saturnia Tuscany Hotel, B&B or Villa?

You can pick a Terme Saturnia hotel, residence, villa or Bed and Breakfast from the list below. These are some of the best Saturnia Italy lodgings with luxury spa facilities or located nearby free Saturnia falls top rated by the previous visitors.

Best Hotels Terme Saturnia, Maremma

Hotel Saturno Fonte Pura Photos of Hotel Terme di Saturnia, Saturnia
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Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

Hotel Terme di Saturnia

Farmhouse Saturnia il Gorello

Hotel La fonte del Cerro


Farmhouses & Bed and Breakfast Saturnia

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

Find some of the most beautiful Tuscany Maremma beaches, in the area of Saturnia Spa.

Villa Garden B&B at Saturnia

Hotel Villa Clodia

Agresta Bed and Breakfast

Pian del Sorbo B&B

Saturnia Farmhouse Agriturismo La Meria

Pian del Molino

B & B La Cantoniera

Le Ginestre Agriturismo Saturnia

Le Fontanelle B&B Saturnia


Saturnia Residences & Villas

Here you can find the best Saturnia Italy Residence and Villa selection for when you'd like a more private Saturnia resort stay.


Terme di Saturnia Italy Spa Treatments

Saturnia Spa complex has a very high reputation as one of the most elite spa resorts in Italy. The effect of health and beauty treatments at Saturnia spa hotels in Tuscany is amazing.

Saturnia Spa treatments usually include:

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary
  • cleansing procedures
  • massage with four hands
  • manual lymph drainage by a special technology
  • foot massage
  • mud wraps and compresses
  • thermal pool baths
  • anti-cellulite techniques
  • aromatherapy
  • mineral water massage
  • brand shower "Saturnia"
  • stone therapy
  • numerous cosmetic face & body treatments

Saturnia Spa Indications:

Except for fantastic anti-age and beauty benefits Saturnia Tuscany spring water and related spa treatments have numerous therapeutic indications:

Photos of Hotel Terme di Saturnia, Saturnia
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  • Dermatology (acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergies)

  • Otolaryngology (all chronic diseases such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis)

  • Breathing system (chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma)

  • Skeletal system (arthrosis, rheumatism, rehabilitation after injuries)

  • Digestive system (chronic gastritis, slight liver failure)

  • Overweight & metabolic disorders (diabetes, colitis, dyspepsia)



Terme Saturnia Skin Care

When used in cosmetics spa Saturnia water and products have a stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin. Its natural cleansing, peeling and disinfecting properties make Saturnia skin care very effective and giving good results.

Numerous Saturnia skin products have been released on the market in order to bring you the benefits of Saturnia mineral spring water without visiting the resort. You will instantly notice how your skin gets bright, radiant & silky.

Among the best Saturnia skin care products I can call:

Anti-Age Plankton Serum

Saturnia Anti-Age Plankton Cream (Intensive Line Minimizer)

Saturnia Terme Hydra-Sponge Day Cream

Saturnia Exfoliating Body Cream

Saturnia SPA Lifting Serum

Anti-Redness Spa Complex


Saturnia Terme water will help rejuvenate tired skin and enrich it with oxygen. Thermal spa water of Saturnia Italy resorts are also proven in treating many skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and more.


How to Get to Saturnia Spa Italy?

Getting to Terme Saturnia Italy spa is possible by many different ways.

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By train: Take train line Rome - Genoa, exit at the station Grosseto, from there take a bus to Saturnia spa.

By airplane: If you land at Maremma Grosseto airport, get a car and follow the directions for Scansano and then for Saturnia. See the route from Grosseto airport on the map. Alternatively find more airports in Tuscany.

By car: Going from Bologna or Florence, take highway A1 down to Arezzo, exit Fabro. Then follow the signs for Fabro toward SP106. Get full road directions to Terme di Saturnia by car.

Going by car from Rome, follow the directions for Civitavecchia, then take SS1 to Montalto di Castro. Then hit to Grosseto, exit Manciano. Get full direction to Saturnia spa from Rome.


I am sure you will enjoy your stay at Terme Saturnia spa resort. Please come back and tell us about your spa holidays in Tuscany, Italy!



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