Monsummano Terme Spa

Healing water of the Spa Caves Grotta Giusti & Grotta Parlanti
in Monsummano Terme Italy

Monsummano Terme spa has gained popularity in Italy thanks to its underground caves Grotta Giusti and Grotta Parlanti with the most beautiful lake Il Limbo inside.


Did you know that..?

In the middle of the 19th century mountain workers have accidently discovered underground lake inside the caves of Monsummano located 300 meters deep.
They have been impressed by its natural beauty - bizarre unusually shaped stalactites and stalagmites along with clouds of steam above the underground lake...

After visiting the cave some workers have noticed getting rid of joint pain and coughing.


Monsummano Terme Spa

Nowadays Monsummano Terme caves are actively used for taking thermal baths in Tuscany. Thermal lake Il Limbo located in the cave is fed by hot mineral springs. Water temperature in Grotta Giusti and Grotta Parlanti is about 32-36*C.

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The steam that rises above the lake gets spread around the grotto, thus forming three warm zones - Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Paradise (Paradiso). The treatments include both taking thermal baths and thermal steam therapy.

Tuscany sophistication: Grotta Giusti, enjoy a thermal bath experience


Visiting Grotta Giusti Spa

Each guest visiting Monsummano Terme spa in Tuscany is given a bathrobe and slippers, and is offered to relax in a comfortable lounge chair.

The effect of these thermal treatments is fantastic! Many respiratory disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, heart, skin and gynecological diseases have been treated here very successfully.

However, resorts in Monsummano Terme have a very wide variety of treatments including anti-aging program, anti-cellulite, relax, diagnosis of skin problems, a fitness room, spa pool with cascades, varios types of massage, etc.

Monsummano Terme cave thermal baths have been visited by such celebrities as Giuseppe Verdi and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

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I wish you great Tuscany spa holidays in Monsummano Terme Italy.


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