Where is Tuscany?

Where is Italy? Where is Florence?

Where is Tuscany Located?

Where is Tuscany? - is one of the questions you may be asking yourself when looking for your holiday destination.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary And what is Tuscany exactly - a country, a city, a province, an island?

Tuscany is just one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Italy, and it is located on the Italian north-western coast.

Tuscany has a shape of somewhat triangle and includes 10 provinces.

All of Tuscany provinces have their own charm and open a door to a little new world to discover.



Where is Tuscany

Tuscany Provinces


Tuscany's famous hilly landscape literally takes your breath away!
Driving through Tuscan hills is a real visual enjoyment!..

Driving through Tuscan hills

On the Road in Tuscany

Tuscany borders with the Ligurian Sea on the west, and is attached to the other Italian regions such as Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, San Marino, Umbria and Lazio.

Tuscany also has seven islands which all together form so-called Tuscan Archipelago (Arcipelago Toscano).

"According to legend the seven islands that make up the Tuscan archipelago where created when Venus broke her pearl necklace in the Tyrrhenian sea."
- Tuscan Folk Tales

About one third of Tuscany is hilly, one quarter is filled with mountains and the rest of the territory is plain.


Interesting fact:

The smallest island of the Tuscan Archipelago is Gorgona, and it is only about 2 square km. The access to the island for outsiders is very restricted. Its population is about 300 people.

There's a prison based on the island Gorgona, and it is set up as a working farm. The prisoners working on the farm support the whole island with their production.

Gorgona island Tuscany

Here is the view of Gorgona island when you look from Livorno.


Where is Italy Located?

Since we've found out that Tuscany is located in Italy, there comes another question: where is Italy?

Italy is located on the south of Europe and it borders with the following states - Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia. Italy can be easily recognized on the world map as a country having a big boot shape.

You can see on the map below where Tuscany is in Italy.

Where is Tuscany

Location of Tuscany in Italy

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Where is Florence?

The official capital of Tuscany is magnificent Florence (Firenze). It's one of the most beautiful historical cities in the world!

Florence is located on the north-east of Tuscany. See on the Florence map below the exact location of Florence, Italy or head to Florence map link to view more maps.

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For more information about Tuscany location you may also like to see the Tuscany map options. You may also be interested to learn about the best way of getting to Tuscany.

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