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Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Each region of Italy has its own dialect, and habitants of different regions may not understand each other.

Letter C on the water tap means Hot, not Cold (Calda).

Locals pay less in bars and cafe than tourists. If you order your coffee in English you may end up paying double.

There are huge differences between the cuisine of various regions of Italy.

Wine corks

Italians actively use hands and mimics when talking. This comes from the big differences of various Italian dialects.

Italians almost don't drink hard liqueurs. Most loved drink in Italy is wine, sometimes beer.

Italy has many different types of sockets which sometimes makes it impossible to plug something in. When you need to buy a switch for your plug to Italian socket the chance is there you buy wrong thing anyway.

Real Italian pizza is cooked in a wood stove. Men Women Fun Italy facts

Mountains occupy about 80% of Italian territory.

In families, men are scared of their wives.

Italy has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

Italians laugh at the tourists who visit cafe on central squares and pay lots of money for low quality food.

Normally best restaurants in Italy are hidden from wide public, and one can get there only upon recommendation.

Children Fun Italy Facts Italians are not punctual at all. Coming always later is a common Italy fact. Do not be surprised.

Italians admire children and often spoil them. Italian kids are allowed to do almost everything.

98% of all Italian population are Catholics.

It is common for men to live with the mother until 40 years old.

Italians are not screaming and not arguing: they just talk like that.

"Sign language is useful to the deaf but vital to the Italians"
- Paul Carvel

Bidet is a must in every bathroom. Even the smallest and most remote Italy hotels are always equipped with a bidet.

Word Pasta means not just pasta but anything made of floor.

Mafia Fun Facts Italy Italians and Spanish can understand each other due to the similarity of their languages.

In Italy there are no stray animals.

The majority of businesses in Sicily, Calabria and Compagna pay a fee to Mafia.

Italy and Poland are two the most Catholic countries in the world.

All Italian words end with a vowel.

Another fun fact is that Italians like going on strike at work.

Beach Fun Italy facts There are two more states inside Italy - San Marino and Vatican.

The entire country goes on holidays in August. Even many big companies close.

Italians love playing lottery and different sweepstakes. There are hundreds of them being sold everywhere - even in supermarkets, gas stations, post offices and tobacco booths.

Official divorce procedure in Italy lasts for more than 3 years. The court may oblige a man to take care of his ex-wife financially if she doesn't have enough money.

You always need to have a receipt with you when you bought something. You can get a fine for not having a receipt when you get stopped by financial officers with a shopping bag on the street.

The capital of Tuscany - Florence - has the largest pedestrian area in the world.

Fashion fun facts about Italy Many Italian fashion designers made a fortune on sales in Russia.

Tobacco shops in Italy are very multifunctional. There you can buy a parking or bus ticket, pay some taxes and utility bills and put credit on you phone (and play a lottery, of course!).

Traffic rules in Italy say that when passing other cars you can let them know by distance lights. (You can get a fine for that in other countries)

In whole Italy it's not recommended to drink tap water due to the low quality.

Getting tan Fun Fact about Italy Spending every week end on the beach in the summer is almost a must. Getting tan is an absolute must in Italy.

One of the most incredible and fun facts is that when filling out the yearly tax return form you must make a donation to the Catholic church.

The most popular sport in Italy is football.

Lamborghini has always been known in the past as a company producing tractors.

Italians don't like to work. They call it "Cultura Italiana".

Nun - Fun italy facts Clothes shopping in Italy is always best to be done in large factory outlets outside the city.

Italian police uniforms are made by Prada.

Most of private kinder gardens and schools in Italy are Catholic oriented. The teachers there are dressed like nuns.

Italy has some of the highest taxes in Europe but being a very bureaucratic country most of money gets stolen on the way.

Italian universities do not provide dormitories. The students take care of their own accommodation.

When it comes to standing in a waiting line many Italians will try to pass first without respecting the rest of the line.

And one of the recent 2012 less fun Italy facts: Italian average salary is one of lowest in Europe.



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