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Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Siena travel tours and attractions are numerous since this town is one of the few places in Tuscany Italy that kept the spirit and atmosphere of Middle Ages.

Siena people are still carefully maintaining the Gothic shape of the city created back in XII - XV centuries.

Siena is situated in the center of Tuscany, about 70 km south from the Tuscany capital Florence. Florence and Siena for many centuries were competing for being called the best cultural, charming, scientific and shopping center.

Traveling to Siena you will find out that the town is surrounded by an ancient wall with a few gates (like another Tuscan town Lucca). Siena streets are laid with brick and stone, the buildings are quite high and form narrow alleys with almost no plants. The city center is closed for traffic.

"The Gothic style historically, more perhaps than any other, released architecture from its earthbound confines. "
- Richard T. Feller

Old customs and traditions play an important role for Siena habitants. The town almost lives two parallel lives when on one side there aremaany tourists and famous college students, and on the other side there are simple Siena habitants strongly believing in their ancient traditions.

Siena Palio Photo, Tuscany Italy

Siena Travel Options and Possibilities

By Car to Siena

Arriving to Siena by car is possible by taking SS 222 (72 km) when going from the north, from Florence for instance, and by taking highway A1 Rome - Florence (exit Valdichiana) then turning right on 326 highway, when traveling to Siena by car from the south.

For more details on travel by car consult Tuscany map page.

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Cars And Bus in Siena

Particular attention should be given to moving around in the center of Siena.

The historic center of the town is only open for pedestrians, and driving cars in Siena center is strictly prohibited (except for police and other special cars). However, motorcycle and scooter driving is allowed. All cars must be left at parking outside the main city walls.

There are many parking spaces outside the main Siena walls. You can take a taxi from there by calling the telephone number +39057749222 (Central Reservation Office).

If you are planning to take a hotel in Siena it's also a good idea to find a hotel just outside the city walls, so you can leave a car at hotel parking (makes it easy with luggage, etc.), check-in and then go for sightseeing walking.

It's also possible to take a small bus in Siena center (Pollicino) of a transport company TRA-IN. Read more about bus companies in Italy.

By Air to Siena

For getting to Siena by air most of tourists first go by plane to Pisa or Florence and then take a bus, a train or a car to the town of Siena. Air travel to Siena is, perhaps, the best way of arriving to the city as public transport connections between Tuscan towns are perfect and reliable.

However, Siena Italy has its own small airport Ampugnano which is located just 9 km away from the city. Siena airport Ampugnano is not commercial and is used mainly for air-ambulance services.

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"If forced to travel on an airplane,
try and get in the cabin with the Captain, so you can
keep an eye on him and nudge him if he falls asleep or point out any mountains looming up ahead."
- Mike Harding

Here you can find more information about other convenient ways of arriving to Tuscany.


By Bus to Siena

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

Read more tips about traveling in Italy by bus.

You may decide to travel to Siena by bus from Florence or from Rome which is also easy. When going from Florence (Firenze) take a SITA bus which will take you to Piazza Garibaldi inside the city walls of Siena.

Traveling to Siena by bus you can visit the city without worrying about parking problems, have some great walks in town and take a bus back at the end of the day.

Siena Travel By Train

Tuscany Italy railway network is very well developed so traveling to Siena by train is a convenient and a fast way of getting there. You can either take a direct train from Florence to Siena or first take a train to Empoli and then Empoli - Siena train route (go every 1 - 2 hours).

Check out train schedules and fares for arriving by train.


Travel to Siena Tours

Siena is one of the most popular destinations for various Tuscany travel tours. What can you expect from a guided sightseeing tour?

Most of the tours to Siena depart from Tuscany capital Florence as for being most central tourist location. In case of organized guided tour in Siena you can be sure that your transport will be taken cared of.

You will also get an English speaking local guide who will bring you to Siena through the most picturesque route, will show you the best places to see, most interesting museums to visit and give best advice on selecting a restaurant for having lunch to enjoy local cuisine.

On the way back you can visit another Tuscan town rich in history, art and culture - the beautiful towers town - San Gimignano.

Take a look at some of the best rated Siena tours.

Siena ItalyTake the most exciting sightseeing guided tours departing from Florence Italy!

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Siena Tourist Information and Attractions

If Florence is a symbol of the Renaissance then Siena Italy is a typical example of Gothic Tuscany town. Many people consider Siena to be the most charming place in Tuscany.

The historical city center is constructed on three hills of Terzi and it's almost ideally made for all kinds of walking tours. Do not forget your camera! Siena will definitely impress you with it Gothic look; you will feel transferred back to many centuries ago to the Italian Middle Ages.

Siena attractions

Travel to Siena by Christmas

Where do you start exploring Siena attractions from? Of course, with the magnificent Piazza del Campo.

All roads in Siena lead to Piazza del Campo - the wide central square having half-round shape and clear outlines of a bowl. Campo, with its special bricks which have been laid out by zigzags, divides the square in nine sectors with white strips. Architects of the Middle Ages used number nine by the amount of governors in Siena in XIII century.

Here is my baby and I on Piazza del Campo during our Siena travel where we've spent a few magic days for Christmas.

Siena Italy piazza del campo

Piazza del Campo, Siena Italy

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