Tuscany Bike Tour Versilia

Versilia Tuscany Bike Tour

Tuscany bike tour Versilia is going through the most picturesque hills of Tuscany.

You start your ride from Massarossa which is located near Viareggio - the capital town of Versilia - and near the lake of Massaciucolli, and follow the itinerary almost up to Camaiore.


Tuscany bike tour Versilia ride is quite short and not too heavy. It's very doable, especially because you'll be rewarded by the stunning views!

Here is a good collection of Tuscany Bike tours and bicycle rentals in Versilia.


Versilia Bike Tour Description


Distance: 37 km
Cycling time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Altitude: 1067 m
Physical condition: medium


Itinerary:                                                             Versilia Views

  • Pisa airport Massarossa
  • stiava
  • bargecchia
  • corsanico-bargecchia
  • localita' segalare
  • frazione marignana
  • montemazzori
  • frazione montemagno
  • licetro
  • capanne di licetro
  • localita panicale
  • via provinciale canipaletti
  • strada provinciale canipaletti
  • localita valli
  • massarossa


Tuscany Bike Tour Versilia Map




I wish you a pleasant ride!



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