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Tuscan style bathroom is similar to Mediterranean but it's characterized by more simplicity and coziness.


"The Mediterranean has the color of mackerel, changeable I mean. You don't always know if it is green or violet, you can't even say it's blue, because the next moment the changing reflection has taken on a tint of rose or gray."
- Vincent van Gogh


Tuscan Bathroom Colors and Materials

Tuscan bathroom decor uses light colors for walls and ceilings. A typical Tuscan bathroom is decorated in pastel pink, light yellow or beige paint colors or ceramic tiles.

Mural Tuscan bathrooms    Tuscan mural bathroom ideas

    Mural Tuscan Bathroom                     Tuscan Natural Stone Bathroom

The floors of a bathroom in Tuscan style are normally laid with terracotta, ceramic or mosaic tiles which can include simple geometric or floral ornaments.


Tuscan Italian ceramic tile used for flooring is not only beautiful but is also very strong and crack resistant.

When you buy tile flooring always choose for quality above lower price. You will have to enjoy this tile floor for many years and tile cracks won't make you happy.

The wall around a bath and a sink in Tuscan bathroom decor is usually laid with mosaic or ceramic tile and marble. And the bath is normally build in, although rarely - in big size bathrooms - it can be freestanding.

Tuscan bathroom lighting also follows the basic rule of decorating in Tuscan style - keep it simple, natural and elegant. Keep the light bright and strong around the mirror area, and have yourself an option to switch it to warm low light for the moments of relax.

Tuscan Bathroom Furniture

The furniture in a Tuscan bathroom must be of a simple, basic and antique look design, with clear geometric lines. Tuscan style bathroom furniture is characterized by an equal amount of wooden and metal parts.

Virtu USA Cambridge 72" Double Vanity Set - Antique Cherry

Tuscan Double Vanity Set - Antique Cherry

Tuscan bathroom accessories include colored clay jars, wattled baskets, copper made items, wooden or grapevine hangers.

Heritage 2 Bathroom Faucet - Antique Brass    Danze® Opulence™ Paper Holder - Antique Copper

           Tuscan Bathroom Faucet Idea     Tuscan Paper Holder - Antique Copper

Green plants - real or artificial - make Tuscan bathroom decorating complete. Tuscans place them next to the bath, on bathroom cabinets or just mount on a wall. 


Pictures of Tuscan Bathrooms

View the following bathroom designs and get fresh Tuscan bathroom ideas to decorate your bathroom in Tuscan style!

Tuscan style purple bathroom tile design ideas       Tuscan style bathrooms: pink tile bathroom ideas

Purple Ceramic Tile Design Ideas     Italian Pastel Pink Ceramic Tile Bathroom

Tuscany bathroom decorating: mosaic bathroom ideas Tuscan bathroom with terracotta tile

  Rustic Tuscan Bathroom Idea      Basic Tuscan Bathroom with Terracotta


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Tuscan Elements


Tuscan Bathroom Accessories

Tuscan bathroom accessories below have been pre-selected by me and placed here for your convinience as decorative ideas for bathrooms in Tuscan style.





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