Tuscan Style Kitchen Design

Tuscan kitchen colors, Accessories, Furniture and Ideas

Tuscan style kitchen design creates a cozy home atmosphere and reflects the original Italian hospitality. Tuscan kitchen design idea in reality is simple and basic - as Tuscan interior design is in general - and most of the Tuscan kitchen accessories are hand made.

Tuscan Kitchen Colors

Tuscan kitchen colors are kept light for walls and ceilings. Normally these are pastel yellow, pink or beige. The ceilings can be plastered and painted white or crossed by wooden beams giving Tuscan style kitchens an antique look.

Tuscan colors for kitchen furniture, floors and accessories are based on the natural colors of the earth: yellow, ochre, terracotta, red and all shades of brown.

The floors of Tuscany kitchens are laid with terracotta, ceramic or mosaic tile. Basic geometrical or floral ornaments are used quite frequently in Tuscan style flooring decorating.

Tuscany kitchen colors


Tuscany Style Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

You should pay particular attention to the choice and placement of home appliances and accessories when designing a kitchen in Tuscan style.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Tuscan style doesn't bare modern technologies and equipment, therefore it's better to hide your washing machine behind closed doors somewhere else.

Here you can find an interesting idea of masking your fridge without removing it from the kitchen - Tuscan Grapes Refrigerator Appliance Art.

All the accessories that can't be removed must be selected according to the main rule of Tuscany decorating: keep it simple and basic, and give it an antique look. Choose for an ancient gas cooker and a faience, natural stone or porcelain bowl ideas instead of using modern utilities.

Tuscan Kitchens Furniture

Tuscany kitchens require large, long, family wooden tables. Since a kitchen has always been in a center of current events such tables were very important. Best Tuscan kitchen tables should be big and strong, with simple rectangular lines.


Tuscan kitchen decorating   Tuscan orange kitchen

             Tuscan Inspired Kitchen                     Tuscan Orange Kitchen Idea


Tuscan kitchen cabinets serve for storing dishes and other decorating items such as ceramics or clay made pottery. Traditional Tuscany kitchens furniture is made of dark wood which is often made to look old artificially.

Travel to Tuscany TipBox

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Tuscany kitchen furniture usually has straight simple lines, and it's made of local sawn woods. It's unbelievable how this style brings together both wooden and metal accessories. For instance, a cherry or chestnut countertop of a dining table can easily rest of bent iron legs.

Tuscan dining chairs in Tuscan style kitchen design show the same combination of metal skeleton and wooden seat and back. Rod wattled kitchen furniture is also widespread.


Tuscan Style Kitchens Materials

Tuscan style kitchen counter tops can be made of natural stone or ceramic tile. Marble countertops look special and luxury, however mosaic or ceramic tile is also used frequently.

Tuscan kitchen islands are used frequently in Tuscan style, however their use is often limited by the size of modern kitchens. Tuscan kitchen island can use stone, ceramic or marble countertops.

Tuscan Style kitchen island

Black Marble Kitchen Island Counter top

Tuscan kitchen curtains are made of light materials with simple geometrical or floral print. Monotonous fabrics can also be used in Tuscan style kitchen design, giving a preference to light pastel colors such as pink, cream, pale-olive and milky-white.


Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas

A perfect Tuscan kitchen design idea would be placing green plants in your kitchen, hanging a lace of onions or garlic along the wall, storing regular or colored pasta in glass pots on your Tuscan style kitchen cabinets, decorating with copper made items...

Tuscan Style kitchen design Tuscan style kitchens

Tuscan style kitchen decorating with copper

Tuscan style kitchen design, despite of visible simplicity, will make your home comfortable and cozy. It's family friendly and reminds you of traditional family values.


Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Need some ideas to decorate your kitchen in Tuscan style? Tuscan style kitchens pictures below will help you create a little Tuscany within your home.


Tuscan yellow kitchen design       Tuscan Yellow kitchen

Yellow Tuscan Kitchen Ideas Photos

Tuscan blue kitchen   Tuscan kitchen

             Tuscan Blue Kitchen Ideas                      Tuscan Style Kitchen Design


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Tuscan Kitchen Accessories

The following Tuscany kitchen decorating accessories have been pre-selected and placed here for your convinience to help you design your kitchen in Tuscan style:






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