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Tuscan interior design is simple and cozy. Tuscan interior decorating uses simple and strong materials reflecting Tuscan style hospitality and warmth.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary Tuscan style interior design uses only natural materials. In Tuscan interior design walls are normally built of limestone or sandstone, marble is used for walls and a floor decor, and also for furnishing Tuscan style arches. Windows are framed with rough wooden frames with massive shutters.

Tuscan style home should always have a back yard with a fountain and green plants. Tuscan interior decorating is inspired by nature, and natural elements are smoothly blended in Tuscan interior and vice versa.

The house walls laid with stone repeat the drawing of the backyard or Tuscan garden paths. Add marble statues in your backyard or garden in Tuscan style.


"Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life
is more interesting than it really is."
- Charles M. Schulz


Tuscan Interior Decorating

Internal furnish of rooms in the interior decorating Tuscan style is also made of natural materials. Walls are either covered with the Venetian plaster or just made of rustic natural stone. Low ceilings are usually covered with a light color plaster or crossed by wooden beams. Arches are also frequently used in Tuscan interior design.

Tuscan living room

Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan interior design uses warm colors of the earth - brick, yellow, an ochre and terracotta. Give a preference to gold shades on the North side rooms, and choose for pale blue and green on the sunny side.

Floor furnish in Tuscan interior decorating may use wooden planks, a stone or a tile of the muffled shade. Terracotta tiles are very popular way of floor furnishing in Tuscany.


Tuscan Interior Decorating Ideas


Tuscan Living Room

Tuscan style fireplace in the interior design is a necessary element of a Tuscan style living room. Tuscan fireplaces are usually large and open. Sometimes a Tuscan fireplace screen can be placed in front.

Tuscan fireplace

Tuscan Style Fireplace

Tuscan fireplace in the interior design in Tuscany can be furnished with marble, natural stone or color tiles with images of flowers and fruits. Place an expensive antiquarian carpet on the floor in your Tuscan style living room.

Tuscan living room furniture, too, must have an antique look or to be made look old artificially, and to have simple, often rough shapes. Open cabinets of simple form are used for storing dishes and glass in Tuscan interior design.

Tuscan living room decorating requires lots of ceramics and copper made items - painted plates on shelves, clay pots on a floor, ceramic elements on walls.

Tuscan inspired living room can also be decorated with metal candlesticks, lacy napkins, statues and figures of marble, plaster and copper. Pictures with the grapevine image, flowers and olives will look perfectly on walls in Tuscan living room design.

Tuscan living room with large open fireplace

Tuscan Living Room with Large Open Fireplace with a Screen

Tuscan Fireplace and Living Room Accessories

The following Tuscan living room accessories and furniture have been pre-selected and placed here for your convenience to help you decorate your home in Tuscan style. Need ideas for your Tuscan fireplace screen or any wall decorative items?



Tuscan Dining Room

Tuscan style dining room is usually located within the kitchen area since Tuscan families, as a rule, like to cook and eat altogether. Rarely Tuscan dining room can be separated. Therefore Tuscan dining room furniture mainly includes Tuscan dining tables and Tuscan dining chairs. See more Tuscan kitchen design for Tuscan dining ideas.

The traditional Tuscan dining furniture reflects simplicity, elegance and convenience. The Tuscan dining furniture can be made of iron, unfinished wood or valuable breeds of wood.

Tuscan dining room tables are large and long. Tuscan style dining chairs are either made of dark wood or combine metal skeleton and wooden seat and back. Rod wattled elements of Tuscan dining chairs are also widespread.


Tuscan dining room

Tuscan Dining Room

Both Tuscan dining tables and chairs can be decorated with beautiful table linen in rich Tuscan colors, creating various structures and traditional design which will please the guests of the house. Small carpets and tableware decorating Tuscan dining room create stylish lunch atmosphere in the Tuscan Mediterranean style.

Hereby some ideas for Tuscan inspired dining room: Tuscan dining furniture sets and accessories to create a real Tuscan atmosphere in your dining room.

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