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Chianti Tuscany wine is one of the first and the most excellent choices of all the wines coming from Tuscany, Italy.

What is Chianti?

    What is Chianti, Cheap Chianti“What is Chianti - area or wine?” - you ask me.

    And I’ll tell you “Both”.

    Chianti is the area where Chianti Tuscany wine is produced. You will find that Chianti and Chianti Classico are two different wine regions. And they both have the status DOCG (manufacturers of fine Italian red wine).

    Chianti Classico is a wine region between Florence and Siena, while the area of Chianti is extended further down to Pisa and Arezzo. Chianti Classico term is used to separate the original (first founded in 1398) Chianti wineries and wine from other Chianti created later and manufactured in other territories.

    Tasting Tuscany wine absolutely starts with Chianti! To ensure that you get the best of the Chianti wines always pay attention to the label. “Chianti Classico” or “Gran Riserva” is your first choice. These are original, excellent quality Tuscany wines.

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    Chianti Taste

    Young Italian wine Chianti Classico has an intense ruby red color with aromas of flowers and fruits. But after maturing for 27 months it turns to granate red and receives the name "Riserva".

    These wines with Riserva label can be stored for up to 10 years. However, their price increases significately - up to 3 times - once they got Riserva label.

    Red wine Chianti taste is dry, full, intense and tannic, and it gets softer with aging.

    "Even an atheist may be ready to concede that
    a good wine is the drink of gods."
    - Paul Carvel


    Cheap Chianti

    You may also find many cheap Chianti wines. What’s the difference? Cheaper Tuscan wines having Chianti label most of the times are produced from lower quality grapes grown elsewhere but not in the original Chianti province.

    Travel to Tuscany TipBox

    Here you will find more Tuscany wine buying tips.

    Well, the advantage of cheap Chianti is that those wines still don’t taste bad at all, have a Chianti label and are very affordable (you can find bottles from 2 Euro and up). Cheap Chianti Tuscany wine is perfect for souvenirs for your friends and family to take back home (or if you have a limited budget for your holidays).

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    Chianti Wineries

    The best Chianti wineries are:

    Castello di Ama, Antinori, Frescobaldi, Ruffino, Barone Ricasoli, Fonterutoli, San Fabiano Calcinaia, Poggio Scalette, Machiavelli, Felsina, Casa Emma, Isole e Olena, San Felice, Badia a Coltibuono, Riecine, Poggio al Sole, Querciabella, Fontodi, La Massa, Melini, Castello dei Rampolla, Petrolo.

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    How to Serve Chianti Wine?

    Chianti, indeed, must be served correctly. Below you will find out how to serve Chianti including serving temperature and besti food combinations.

    Chianti Serving Tips:

    Wine serving temperature Chianti wineThe older your Chianti Tuscany wine is the more it's recommended to open the bottle 1-2 hours before consumption to allow the wine to re-oxygenate and to reveal its characteristic flavor.

    Because of the big variety of Chianti Tuscany wines there are plenty of combinations between the food and wines of different denominations.

    Wine serving temperature of Chianti Classico should be 16-18 °C. You can serve it with sausages of all types, meat and paste or other meat dishes.

    Chianti Riserva can be served to dishes with stronger taste or combinations of tastes like, for examples, rabbit meat or marinated beef. Such dishes can be accompanied by strong tasting sauces such as mushroom or sheep cheese sauce.

    All Chianti wines including Chianti Classico enhance the taste of old seasoned cheeses like Pecorino Toscano. Chianti Colli Aretini, for example, is suitable throughout the meal and can be served with rich tasty soups, grilled meat and even some sorts of fish.

    And Chianti Colline Pisane (lighter, fruitier and lower in alcohol) combines well with both roasted meat and fish, and Tuscan bean soup.

Chianti Wines and Accessories

Wines and accessories below have been pre-selected and placed here for your convenience, in order to enrich your Chianti wine tasting experience.







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