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Travel insurance Italy is a very important item in preparation of your trip to Italy. There are various types of cover these days on the market including trip cancellation or baggage insurance and much more.

However, I'd call health insurance Italy the most important and valuable option for you to invest in. And this is not because Italy is a dangerous place to be but it purely has to do with the high cost of health care services in Italy. And getting a medical travel insurance for Italy will secure you from the unexpected costs related to medical treatment in Italy when needed.

Health Care in Italy

Health care in Italy is represented by both state medicine and private clinics and doctors.

The state medicine in Italy is practically all paid. The only free doctor is a house doctor or general practice doctor, as they call it. He gives all the prescriptions for visiting specialists excluding gynecologists and dentists (whom one can visit directly). Visiting a state medicine specialists normally has a standard price of 18 Euro. All the researches and analyzes are paid too, and its price depends on its complexity.

Italy health care represented by state hospitals have all the necessary equipment and highly specialized medical stuff, however the quality of your stay in a state hospital in Italy can be shocking if you come from the USA or northern countries of Europe. There are normally 2 - 6 beds in a room, basic meals, no bathroom, TV or phone next to your bed. Visiting hours are also very limited.

State medicine in Italy health care system is also characterized by long waiting lists for both specialists visits and hospitalization.

However, health travel insurance Italy will cover all your costs for a comfortable and quick help with any private doctor or clinic avoiding long waiting lines. Private hospitals in Italy have all the comfort of a 5 star hotel like air-conditioned rooms, single bathroom, extra beds for visitors and visiting hours are normally unlimited. Although the medical equipment and will be on the same level as in state hospitals.

Note that health care services in private hospitals can be very expensive, and that it exactly why I highly recommend acquiring at least a health travel insurance Italy. Whether you need other extras like flight cancellation or baggage insurance is totally up to you.

Italy Medical Insurance and Health Cover

If you are a EU citizen or resident visiting Italy you have a right on the free health cover at state hospitals due to the mutual medical agreements between the states.

In this case you will have to request a E111 form in your own country at least 3 weeks before traveling to Italy and have it with you during your stay. International medical card of your own country will also be accepted if you are EU resident.

If you are in Italy for work your company will have to provide you with E101 (A1) form. This state medical insurance will cover the necessary first aid, visiting state doctors and hospitalization in Italy.

For faster and more comfortable health care services in Italy, and in any case for non EU residents, a private health travel insurance Italy is required.

To be sure of your health cover in Italy get yourself a free travel insurance quote.


Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance in Italy

Most of standard travel insurance Italy plans have restrictions regarding medical evacuations.

For instance, if you require hospitalization during your travel to Italy, most of the standard health insurance policies will cover the nearest hospital stay or transportation to another hospital only in case of necessity. You won't be able to select a medical facility of your choice or get transferred to your own country.

However, there are specialized health travel insurance companies providing medical evacuation insurance plans, which let you arrange a transfer to the hospital of your choice regardless medical necessity, including internationally, with no costs limits.

(Just imagine what would a medical transfer cost from Italy to the US, for example, and check if your standard insurance plan has a limit for air-ambulance services.)

Here you can learn more about medical evacuation and repatriationto be sure of the best health cover during your traveling.

I really recommend acquiring medical evacuation insurance if you're planning to do any outdoor sports in Italy like skiing or mountain biking.

Take care of your safety during traveling and have a pleasant stay in Italy!




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