How to Cook Chestnuts on Pan

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How to Pan Roast Chestnuts

How to Cook ChestnutsWondering how to cook chestnuts at home, on pan or in oven? Follow the chestnuts cooking instructions below in order to have them cooked soft, juicy and yummy.

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Cooking chestnuts in reality is quite simple but there are specific tips and tricks to make roasted chestnuts come out delicious and to avoid typical for chestnuts hardness and dryness when cooked wrong.


Cooking Chestnuts on Frying Pan

Preparing Chestnuts for Cooking

Prepare a frying pan with strong bottom (not with Teflon), some paper napkins or a towel, and half a glass of water.

A specific chestnut roasting pan is the best to use for this purpose but you can still cook some good chestnuts even if you don't have one.

Make a deep cut on each chestnut with a sharp knife, either on diameter or crosswise - to avoid bursting and exploding.

Cut chestnut cover

How do You Cook Chestnuts?

Place you chestnuts in the pan and cover them with wet paper tissues or a towel. Periodically check that the paper or the towel don't dry out and add more water when necessary.

Place the pan on medium fire and cook chestnuts steering them once in a while in order to have them cooked on all sides.


How long to cook chestnuts? Cook the chest nuts covered with napkins for about 20 minutes. After that remove the napkins (or a towel) and continue cooking for a few minutes more steering the pan frequently.

Switch the fire off, place the cooked chestnuts on a plate and serve them hot. Serving chestnuts hot, right from the fire, not only guarantees the best taste, but also makes chestnut peeling much easier.  

This chestnut cooking recipe using wet paper tissues has a big advantage over the regular dry frying of chestnuts. If you make sure to keep your paper good wet throughout the cooking time, the roasted chestnuts will come out soft and juicy.

Depending on your taste you can add to roasted chestnuts salt, sugar, olive oil or other ingredients.


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