Eating Out in Italy

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There are so many great places for eating out in Italy.

Florence Italy Travel Guide - Tuscany travel itinerary This amazing country apart from numerous food specialties, has got a large amount of eating establishments such as ristorante, pizzeria, trattoria, osteria, enoteca.

Do you want to taste the best food of Italy always in the right place and know before what to order from Italian restaurant menu?

Below you will find a good selection Italy restaurant guides to ensure the best eating out in Italy experience, including menu translator, restaurant etiquette, best places to eat out in Italy.


Food, Restaurants and Menu Guides for Italy

Italian Menu Translator & Restaurant Guide

What you will find inside:

  1. best restaurants, bistros, cafes, wine shops and food markets in many Italian cities
  2. menu reader translator from Italian to English and viceversa
  3. Italian restaurant etiquette
  4. pronunciation guide

General recommendation: it's a very easy to have pocket size guide book about everything related eating out in Italy. If you do not find yourself comfortable in ordering in Italian restaurants in the original language with this guide will always know what exactly you're ordering.



Italy for the Gourmet Traveler

What you will find inside:

  1. Italian food and wines description
  2. markets and restaurants in big cities and small villages of Italy
  3. Italian towns most famous for culinary specialties - not to miss
  4. description of varios eating establishments in Italy (ristorante, pizzeris, trattoria, etc)
  5. food specialties of each region of Italy

General recommendation: when you travel through Italy from town to town with this Italian food guide you will always be sure to visit the best restaurant for your dining out. Your holiday in Italy is always too short to waste your time eating out in low quality places.



Tips for the Table When Dining Out in Italy

What you will find inside:

  1. Tipping in Italy
  2. Drinks
  3. Italian dining style
  4. Italian menu
  5. Cultural facts
  6. Useful phrases



A Culinary Traveller in Tuscany

What you will find inside:

  1. Ten amazing culinary itineraries in Tuscany
  2. Unique hidden locations in Tuscany with food specialties
  3. 100 of best recipes of the region
  4. Points of interest
  5. Restautants and menu recommendations

General recommendation: this guide book is perfect when you are about to spend a few days in Tuscany and enjoy its authentic cuisine. The main advantage of this guide is that it takes you off the beaten track (beyond the usual Florence-Lucca-Pisa-San Gimignano-Siena itinerary) and offers some fantastic hidden culinary treasures.



The Food Lover's Guide to Florence

What you will find inside:

  1. 100 restaurants reviews in Florence
  2. Wine selection tips
  3. Layout of Italian menu
  4. Tipping recommendations
  5. Vegetarian restaurants
  6. Best T-bone steaks in Florence
  7. Detailed description of all pizzerias, trattorias, osterias, restaurants, etc and prices

General recommendation: dedicated exclusively to the city of Florence, this is one of the most detailed and complete guides you will find on eating out in Florence.



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