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Welcome to About me page!

Who am I at www.travel-to-tuscany.org website and why do I share all the useful Tuscany related information and advice?

My name is Anastasia, and I live in Tuscany since 2005. Tuscany, indeed, is an amazing land in the heart of Italy full of wonders. Having fallen in love with it from the very first day, I wanted to learn more about the area where the destiny brought me to.

In these seven years that I live in Italy I've traveled a lot around, visited plenty of big and small towns in Tuscany, beaches, wine roads, castles and much more.

Even more important: Tuscany is my home now. But let's take it step by step...

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My Life in Tuscany

Coming originally from Belarus, I've left my home country in 2003 when I've got married. Before moving to Italy I have lived in Malta and Palma de Mallorca, Spain and have traveled through many countries of Europe. Traveling has always been my passion!

Siena ItalyIn 2005 the life brought me to Italy - Tuscany. And this was for me the beginning of a new era.

My husband and I started with building up our lives here in Tuscany practically from scratch - learning the things from all the life's aspects the hard way:

  • learning Italian language
  • getting an administrative job
  • buying a house in Livorno, Tuscany
  • restoring the house
  • giving birth to two wonderful babies
  • organizing papers and documents
  • ... and travel, travel, travel!

Parks for kids Tuscany ItalySince my babies were growing and turning to toddlers, I had to find more and more new ways of entertaining them.

We've started visiting zoos and parks for children. We've found more and more safe and baby friendly beaches in Tuscany. Our attractions and events in Tuscany list was constantly growing and updating.

You will see many photos from our personal archive on the pages of www.travel-to-tuscany.org.

Be sure that the attractions recommended by me have been tested by us personally and approved for your use.


The Dream

Everybody has a Dream. I mean, a real long kept dream that you live with until (who knows?) one day it comes true.

Tuscany website about me I've always been dreaming of writing my own book. Being fond of writing from when I was little, the dream of publishing my own book has always been with me.

Why haven't I done so yet? Hmm... some people say - "In life you either look for excuses, or just make things happen". Probably whatever I say now will sound as an excuse anyway, since a real Dream needs some power from our side to make it real.

"The only place where your dream becomes impossible
is in your own thinking."
- Robert H. Schuller

Apart from just not having enough time for concentrating on a book (starting up a life in another country, having a day job and having a family with small children to take care of is not a very relaxed period in life), as the time was going by, writing a book seemed to be such an old-fashioned way of publishing a creation. People tend to be switching to a digital world more and more nowadays.

And this is how I came to the idea of building up a website. A website is like a digital book you can add pages to and update it in real time. You can see your visitors' interest and get feedback always in real time! You know if what you share on your pages finds any interest, and that is great!


Share my Knowledge

The idea to share my knowledge with Tuscany tourists was born right after.

Tuscany ItalyI see many tourists around me getting lost in Tuscany bus connections or heading to the wrong beach. I've answered many Tuscany related forums about best places to visit in Tuscany and Tuscan wines to taste.

(In fact, Tuscany insider buying wine directly from the wineries, can give a priceless advice about wine, when the winery itself may be just promoting their own products.)

I know the most convenient flight connections to Tuscany and can suggest beautiful Tuscany decorating ideas.

We've been busy discovering Tuscany for years, and it is my pleasure to share my insider tips about Tuscany with visitors like you.


The Website on Travel to Tuscany

In April 2011 the Home page of this website was live. Only a home page yet, and I've been adding new pages slowly. Having a day job and a family, I could dedicate about 2 hours a day or less on working on the website on average. Many nights have been spent with a laptop and a cup of coffee when creating a new page.

Did that feel like a second job? No. Creating the website and sharing my experience with visitors like you has always felt like fun. Or like a great hobby! There is so much to write about Tuscany that I am never short on ideas.

Now, at the moment of writing, in early 2012 my travel to Tuscany website has 112 pages and averages 150 unique visitors a day.

It feels like my big Dream in life is becoming real... as real as I could never imagine it to be!

Tuscany Italy

Thank you All so much for visiting my website!
It's my pleasure to see that someone finds it useful. Thanks a lot for all your feedback and comments. They help me come up with the right ideas for my new pages.

I am not a travel agency and am not trying to sell you a tour to Tuscany as many other websites do. All the flights, rentals, attractions and products from external websites recommended by me have been checked and selected very carefully to give you the most relevant and up to date information about Tuscany.


Special Services

The website also offers some special services which include but are not limited to:

You may wonder how these services will be organized by me.

I assure you that all your requests will be redirected to official companies specialized and licensed for carrying out these services. Whenever you confirm the service selected, you will always get an official bill from the service provider.

Thanks again for visiting!

I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your Dreams...
and have a great stay in sunny Tuscany!


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