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Tuscany real estate agency is the best way to find your Tuscany holiday accommodation and also houses for sale in Tuscany. Here I'd like to share my experience with what you can expect from an agency in Tuscany when renting and buying real estate Tuscany Italy, as well as providing you with tons of links to choose any real estate agency in Tuscany you desire.


Whether you are looking for vacation homes in Tuscany or houses for sale you can expect that a typical Tuscany real estate agency will provide you with following services (some agencies are specialized on one thing, others on another):

  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Organizing all legal paperwork, taking care of notary appointment, calculating taxes to pay, etc.
  • Assistance with investing in new constructions (anything from recently restored Tuscan hills villas to new-built apartments in the city)
  • Apartments and commercial properties rental
  • Rental of vacation homes in Tuscany
  • Property evaluations

Here I will cover mostly the assistance of Tuscany real estate agency in long-term renting and buying real estate Tuscany Italy. For more information on rental of vacation homes in Tuscany please visit the link below:

Tuscany Holiday Accommodation


Or go directly to the full list of Tuscany real estate agencies and make any choice you like:

Tuscany Real Estate Agencies


A typical Tuscany real estate agency is normally very helpful, and will provide you with all the legal information you need to know about your real estate whether it is to buy or to rent.

However, as probably anywhere in the world, Tuscany real estate agency will rarely mention some other important technical issues about the real estate you may want to buy or to rent. If you are not familiar with real estate Tuscany Italy here is what I learned from the years of renting and eventually buying a house in Tuscany:


Tuscany Real Estate Agency - Long Term Apartment Rental Tuscany

So you’ve found an apartment (house, villa - anything you wish to rent) of your dream and you’d like to rent it for one year. My congratulations! In this case Tuscany real estate agency will prepare a standard rental contract which has to be signed by both parties - you and the property owner.

Keep in mind that real estate Tuscany Italy is quite expensive for both renting and buying properties. A typical 80-90 sqm apartment in the city will cost you not less than 800 - 900 Euro a month (and up). Then also add to this the costs below.

Once the amount of your monthly rent is determined be prepared that the agency will ask you to pre-pay the following costs in advance:

  • First month of rent
  • Agency commission - equal to 1 monthly rent payment
  • Security deposit, for owner’s safety - equal to 2 months of rent payment (or equal to 4 months when you’re signing a 4 year rental contract)

You will get your security deposit back at the end of the rental period, assuming nothing is damaged in the house and it is delivered in a good state.

From my own experience (and I rented real estate Tuscany Italy for many years, first for private and later also for my work) you will almost never get the deposit back... Property owners will always find "something" what you broke or damaged even when the damage is really caused by the normal regular use of the house.


I still remember the stress I had when we were finished with 4 year apartment rental Tuscany, and after checking the place the owner demanded 10.000 Euro on top of the security deposit received in the beginning. The owners are just trying to have the whole house restored on your account. So don’t count so much on getting your deposit back at the end of the stay.

Tuscany real estate agency will, of course, protect your rights but until the certain point. Don't forget that the agency's job is to protect the rights of both parties.

  • 50% of the registering rental contract fee

All rental contracts in Tuscany must be registered in Agenzia delle Entrate, to make sure the Italian state knows about them and property owners pay their taxes. Registering the rental contract makes the rent legal, also for the cases when your rights might need to be protected by the law.

Tuscany real estate agency will do that for you, and it will come around 100-200 Euro. Doable and just a one-time fee.


I wish you'll have an amazing stay in Tuscany and only good experience with using services of a Tuscany real estate agency!




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